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League Dates

November 6, 2018 - Sign-ups open @ all stores

Nov 20th-Nov 26th - League Week 1

Nov 27th-Dec 3rd - League Week 2

Dec 4th-Dec 10th - League Week 3

Dec 11th-Dec 17th - League Week 4

Jan 8th-Jan 14th - League Week 5

Jan 15th-Jan 21st - League Week 6

Jan 22nd-Jan 28th - League Week 7

Jan 29th-Feb 4th -League Week 8

Feb 9th - Top 8 Playoffs @ Your Hobby Place

About the league

Central Virginia Star Wars Destiny League is an 8 week series designed to encourage community members to play each other and try out cool new decks! Each week, league members can play up to 5 games with other members for a chance to score league points. At the end of the 8 weeks, the 8 players with the most points will be invited to an epic playoff tournament, hosted at Your Hobby Place in February (Date TBD).

League games may be played at any store, or anywhere players can gather. All games must be done in person, and may not be played using online systems such as TableTopSimulator (TTS). In an effort to account for personal emergencies or other situations that would keep a player from participating in person, each player’s worst week will be dropped from the final scoring.

Players may borrow decks and cards from friends, but playtest (“proxy”) cards are not allowed. All decks must conform to the rules set out by Fantasy Flight for Star Wars Destiny deckbuilding, available on their website and tournament materials.

additional information

Read more in the league handbook!

Where to Play

3104 W. Cary Street, 23221

(804) 359-5163

One Eyed Jacques is located in Carytown and hosts casual game play every Tuesday night. OEJ also has one competitive Destiny tournament each month.

24403 Rogers Clark Blvd, 22546

(804) 523-0631

Total Access Games is located in Carmel Church between Richmond and Fredericksburg. We host Star Wars Destiny on Friday nights and hold monthly tournaments.


4264 Plank Rd, 22407

(540) 785-4263

Your Hobby Place is your premier source for hobbies and games in the region. We host Star Wars Destiny on Thursday nights.

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