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September Staff Picks


Bryce’s Pick

Planet is a cute and relatively casual game with a unique visual style. Players compete to build the most habitable world and collect the most animal cards. I really enjoyed being able to hold the tiny 3D earth and look at the regions as I put them down, instead of having a traditional game board.


Amanda’s Pick

I like this game because it's a light and casual word association game. Each of the 2-6 players take a turn using beautiful art cards to try to get everyone else to guess which card in the pile is theirs. It's very accessible, and a great addition to any friends or family board game night!


Nadia’s Pick
Food Chain Magnate

This is a knockout game because it’s just the right combination of well-thought out strategy and infinite replay-ability. Build your dream restaurant corp in this fully modern strategy game with retro 1950s feel. Players get to engage in board placement and route building while also drafting new staff and building their unique business strategy!


Stephen’s Pick
Lanterns Dice

I like this game because it is a roll and write take on the classic game of Lanterns. Players take turns rolling 4 dice and assigning the different colored lanterns to various players. The fun comes in trying to fill in your board with these lanterns while collecting points for different firework displays! This is a great strategy game that’s engaging for more casual players too!

January 2019 Calendar of Events

January 2019 Calendar of Events

It’s a big month for events at OEJ! We’re welcoming 2019 with a little something for everyone - from board game learn to plays to prerelease events for the newest magic set we have you covered! Learn to play Dungeons and Dragons in a special event run by OEJ or brush up on your Pokemon skills so you can play with your kids! We’re also hosting a tournament for Keyforge and Star Wars X-Wing!

Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra Board Game Release & Review

Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra Board Game Release & Review

Last holiday season, Azul was all the buzz. Copies of the beautiful abstract strategy game were flying off our shelves and for good reason! The first Azul quickly became a favorite among the staff as well as one of our top sellers. This holiday season, Next Move Games has released a standalone sequel. We’ve already cracked our copy and are excited to tell you all about it!

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