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Magic: The Gathering is a collectible card game with a vibrant community of players. Set in a incredible universe full of mystery and conflict, this game has something to offer everyone.

Each year that passes rings you inwardly with memory and might. Wield your heart, and the world will tremble.
— Doran, the Siegetower

Learn to play at oej

OEJ hosts a variety of Magic: The Gathering events every week. If you want to learn the basics or take your skills to the next level come visit us Fridays at 6pm for our learn to play event!

The fatal flaw in every plan is the assumption that you know more than the enemy.
— Mana Leak

Formats at OEJ


We buy MTG cards

Visit the store to learn more about trading your Magic: The Gathering cards in for cash or store credit!


Upcoming MTG events at oej

See the full calendar of events

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