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Learn to Play: Gizmos

  • One Eyed Jacques 3104 W Cary St Richmond, VA 23221 USA (map)

Learn to Play @ OEJ! Each week, our awesome staff members will teach you a board game from among their personal favorites. Our board game learn to plays are open to everyone and always free to attend. 

This week we are featuring Gizmos! This week we are featuring Gizmos! Are you ready to present your machine for the Great Science Fair? Gizmos is an aesthetically striking game where players take turns building engines in order to help them create the best machine.

On a players turn, they may perform one of four basic actions- file, pick, build, or research. Each action allows the player to strategize and build their machine in various ways such as obtaining schematics called gizmo cards, gaining energy in the form of colored marbles, and more. Ultimately, players want to stack their gizmos in way that will cause "chain reactions" allowing them to either gain boons or perform more actions.

Gizmos makes a great addition to any board game group due to its unique style and fun machine building mechanics!

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