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Learn to Play: Railroad Ink

  • One Eyed Jacques 3104 W Cary St Richmond, VA 23221 USA (map)

Learn to Play @ OEJ! Each week, our awesome staff members will teach you a board game from among their personal favorites. Our board game learn to plays are open to everyone and always free to attend. 

This week we are featuring Railroad Ink! Railroad Ink is a roll and write game for two to six players. In each of the seven rounds, a player rolls the dice and everyone uses the faces of the dice to make their own roads and railroads starting from one or more of the exits that are shown around the perimeter of the board, labeling each die used by the current round. Everyone receives victory points at the end of the game for each exit that is attached to one another, the longest road and railroad, and filling in the spaces in the center of the board. But be careful! Any roads and railroads that lead to a dead end will cost the player points! The person with the highest number of victory points is the winner. In addition, there are two different Railroad Ink boards. You can combine them to play up to twelve players. Also, each Railroad Ink comes with two different expansions that alter gameplay and gives you yet another option for victory points.

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