Keyforge Release

The highly anticipated -unique deck game- is upon us.

About the Game

Players match wits as they vie for the resources to forge Keys and become the first to unlock a vault of knowledge. Wield decks made up of three of the Crucible’s great houses, each with their own strengths and powers…


What’s the fuss?

It’s a card game designed by Magic’s creator Richard Garfield. Instead of building decks from cards sold in boosters your $10 gets you the basics you’ll need to play. The “unique-deck design” means that your deck list cannot be modified. There’s a QR code in each deck that you have to register on the game’s app in order to compete in organized play. Because you don’t have to spend resources collecting individual cards, the game is incredibly accessible for new players!

Our Take

It’s been a busy first day already at OEJ for Keyforge! The staff have been opening decks like crazy and we’ve sold through more than 75 decks in our first 4 hours. We are definitely excited to see the game in action at our launch event tomorrow 11/17! Check out our favorite open so far below…


The Miss of Dunzance

Dis, Logos and Mars


We love this deck because it’s an awesome example of what a well balanced control deck can offer. While it isn’t overloaded with extremely powereful cards, it has a great balance of tools that give you gradual advantage over your opponent.


Logos cards like “Rocket Boots” combo for incremental advantage by letting you use your more powerful creatures more than once a turn. For example, you can fight or reap with “John Smyth”, use his ability to ready another creature, then use Rocket Boots to ready John and do it all over again.


Dis cards like “Tendrils of Pain” and Mars cards like “Irradicated Aember” wipe your opponent’s board and punish them for getting ahead.


Get involved

Drop by anytime to pick up a deck and start playing! You can learn the basics with one of our staff members this weekend, or you can play in our launch event! The launch event is happening Saturday 11/17 at 1pm.

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